Why is UX More Important Than UI in Design?

The title has acronyms that can be a bit confusing and misleading for the people who are not used to listening to them. To make it easier, UX simply means User Experience while UI stands for the User Interface. It is very crucial to have a fair bit of idea about what they mean before jumping straight into the comparisons.

  • User Experience mainly deals with the physical or digital designing of the products that tend to cater to the needs and the wishes of the customers but most importantly is easy to use and very pleasant to deal with.
  • User Interface on the other hand is generally considered as the set of commands in between the technological device and the user through which the communication is achieved among the both. It is simply the look and feel along with the presentation and the interactivity of the product.

But the question is why UX is more important than UI?

A bit in-depth:

Before we start the comparison, it is better to have an in-depth knowledge about what are the differences among the UX and the UI even though they can be confusing at times.

User Interface:

The user interface of any device covers the screens, pages and even the visual elements that the user simply uses to interact with the technological device. In simple words, UI deals with the “exterior outlook” of the device. The main deal of the UI is to be responsible for the upliftment of the brand’s positive criteria and strengths regarding a product’s interface in order to better the user’s experience in using it.

Visual guidance through interactive sessions is what the UI of a device deals with, in turn aiding the user to be accustomed with the features of the device.

User Experience:

While User Interface deals with the features and the interactive communication between the device and the user, User Experience is simply how the user is enjoying the interface and the features that are put into the device. User Experiences increased with the improved usability, and with a less complicated interface which in turn results in better communication between the user and the product.

It generally encircles all the mere aspects of the user’s interactions with the company that the product is of along with their services.

A good User Experience results from proper service to the customers making sure the user’s experience is hassle-free and without any fuss. The second most important point for a better UX is always keeping the interface simple, clean and elegant which is one of the most important criterions to keep into account.

Some differences among them but favouring UX:

  • When it comes to Design, User Interface tends to play a major role in it but the User Experience is what plays the pivotal role. The UX isn’t just restricted and limited to just the visual interface of the device but is way more important than just the “exterior” or the “visual” outlook of the product.
  • The UX designer’s job includes way more work in comparison to that of the UI designer’s. Conducting a research and gathering necessary information about what are the needs that the customer’s are seeking in order to make sure that the company outsources a service that is enough to meet the needs of the customers while simultaneously satisfying their needs as well.


UX is responsible for solving any sorts or problem that arises with the device, be it a positive or a negative one while UI design mainly deals with the exterior and the superficial outlook of the device and not the actual problem that has rose in-depth. Say for example, if in a restaurant, the cutlery, furniture or the utensils designate as the UI design, then the food, music, ambience and the service is what UX will be designated as. While UI ensure to uplift the outlook of the device, UX makes sure to better the usability and experience of the user.

The complete experience:

The UI of a device deals with the visual design and the information design that a person sees visually while UX deals with the total experience of the device as a whole and is not just limited to the screen of the device. Like, for example, consider that you buy a new cell phone and the exterior outlook to the device is ace but then when it comes to handling the device, it’s not just complicated but not even that good. The interface can be as good as it can be, but at the end of the day it is the user experience that counts as the most important factor. While UI is the things that the user interacts with, UX is the complete experience of the User with the device.

Relative content is very important:

UX just doesn’t deal with making the experience of the user delightful but also focuses on the content of the device. Enhancing the UI can be of great deal but it remains void if the device lacks the right content that tends to make the user’s experience with the device delightful and a lot hassle-free.

The journey:

One of the most important factors as to why the UX is far more important than the UI is that the UX focuses and highlights on the user’s journey with the product. The UI is far more superficial and focuses on the visual styles, structures and the guidelines while UX focuses on rendering the best to better the user’s total experience with the product.

To sum it all up:

It may sound like UX and UI are not that different in description but actually they are the two sides of a coin. They may sound a lot similar but are far from it. From the above mentioned points it must be very clear that even if by a percent, UX is more important than the UI when it comes to design.

To sum up few of the positive points of the UX over UI:

UX is mainly the user’s entire summated experience with the product and not just the superficial outlook. A better User Experience is what determines the good will of the product and its company. The UI deals with the far less important and tangible factors of the device while UX deals with uplifting the conceptual aspects of the design process device. The device can be as delightful and be stud with all the latest features, but an improper UX can lead to a very bad experience for the product’s user. In other words, UI is simply a fragment or subset of UX.

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