Author: Elizabeth Jessie

Design Tools

7 Best Free Web Designing Tools For Stunning Design

Getting a website or an app designed is not an easy task. To get it done perfectly, you would need to collect user requirements several times and do several mock-up…

User Experience

Why is UX More Important Than UI in Design?

The title has acronyms that can be a bit confusing and misleading for the people who are not used to listening to them. To make it easier, UX simply means…

Front End Frameworks

Top 5 Lightweight Frontend Frameworks

Since the advent of WordPress, designing websites is not as complicated as it used to be. You don’t need to be a professional coder to be able to lay the…


The 11 Commandments of Designing for The Web

Web design is a procedure of culminating a website encompassing different aspects like the layout of the web page, the content and even the visual and graphics of the website….

Flat Design Trend 2016

Flat Design Trends in 2016

In the years preceding, several web developers have been focusing on showcasing their skills with several complicated illustrations alongside many faux-realistic designs and textures that claimed to grab the visitor’s…

Best Framework Ever

Framework Battleground: Bootstrap vs Foundation Vs Semantic UI

User Interface or abbreviated as UI can defined as the connection between the user and the technological device the person is using, it can be a computer or it can…