7 Best Free Web Designing Tools For Stunning Design

Getting a website or an app designed is not an easy task. To get it done perfectly, you would need to collect user requirements several times and do several mock-up designs to check. To make your designing easier and give the better design to your client, there are several designing tools available in the online market for free.


Interface Sketch

If you are new to web designing area, and willing to use pen and paper to design a website, Interface Sketch is your go-to-tool to design the sites according to your creativity. The tool has templates with various sizes that fits the devices in which your website or apps can be viewed on. These templates can be downloaded as PDFs and used on the editing programs like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, and Serif DrawPlus. Still, if you prefer pen and paper to draw and design the site, you can get the PDFs printed and use the dotted lines in the template. If you are thinking of creating your template with pen and paper, you can get the downloaded PDFs printed and edit it.



Macaw is the solution if you’re looking for an easy way to get your website or app designed without coding. As the tool acts as a photo editor, it helps you with HTML and CSS coding, even if you don’t have to write them. Interestingly the tool allows you to draw the design with its drag and drop feature. As you drag and drop, the tool writes the code for you. Macaw uses Alchemy, a design-to-code engine, for this purpose.


Web Flow

Webflow is another web designing tool that helps you get the site or app done with drag and drop actions while they take care of getting your design coded. The tool allows you to build the designs according to the content, where you can allow your teammates and clients to update without even waiting for a designer or developer. The specialty in this tool is that it manages your visual content as you want it to be.



Frontify is a software that allows you and your team to work together in getting your design done in a base. Here you can either work from scratch or get it done through the templates.

Also, the feature called “Workspace” will act as a collaborative platform where you can share your designs with the team and work on it as a team.

Interestingly, if you are new to this sector and need a guide to design your brand or the brands you have taken in, the software itself provides a guide to you.



Origami is a more advanced software that could make your site more responsive on mobile devices. Here you can also export your code with a click to get it delivered to your engineers who can copy and paste it into the project. This is done through free and open source animation framework that will give the same experience to the user on all platforms.



Marvel is another app that allows you to design without code but with images and sketches. These sketches and images will be converted into a prototype that looks and feels like an app or a website.

The only condition to work with Marvel gets it connected with your Dropbox so that your work and the project is stored and accessed easily.

Wire Flow

Wire flow is built to get you start sketching from your mobile device itself rather than waiting to get your PC on. This is your tool if you are looking to kick-start a project when you are with the client, or when you feel then, and there have a “then and there” feel to do it. Although it is a code-free designing tool, with the knowledge of coding, you can make the site or app you built look fabulous.

Above spoken are tools we come across to design sites and app for free. I am all ears to listen what other tools you use to get your site or an app designed well.

Let the comment box be filled with your thoughts. 

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